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Anya Seton was an American author known for her historical fiction novels. Throughout her career, she wrote a total of ten books, with many of them centered around themes of love, adventure, and historical events. Her novels are beloved for their richly detailed settings and engaging storytelling.

Anya Seton Books in Order

  1. Katherine
  2. The Winthrop Woman
  3. Green Darkness
  4. Dragonwyck
  5. Avalon
  6. Devil Water
  7. The Hearth and Eagle
  8. My Theodosia
  9. The Turquoise
  10. Foxfire

Synopsis of Anya Seton Books in Order


“Katherine” by Anya Seton is a historical novel set in England during the 14th century. The story revolves around the life of Katherine Swynford, the mistress of John of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster. The novel follows Katherine’s journey from a young girl living with her ambitious mother to becoming one of the most powerful and influential women of her time.

As Katherine grows up, she finds herself caught in the midst of political turmoil and social unrest, and she learns to navigate the treacherous world of court politics. Throughout the novel, Katherine’s complicated relationship with John of Gaunt unfolds, and she faces numerous obstacles and challenges as she fights for her freedom and independence. Meanwhile, the story also delves into the dynamics of power and the constraints placed on women in medieval society.

Anya Seton masterfully weaves together historical detail and romantic storytelling to bring Katherine’s story to life. The novel provides an immersive and captivating look into the lives of the medieval English nobility, offering a rich and vivid portrayal of an extraordinary woman who defied societal norms and carved out her own path in a male-dominated world.

The Winthrop Woman

“The Winthrop Woman” is a historical novel set in 17th century England and America, focusing on the life of Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallet. The story follows Elizabeth as she navigates the challenges and opportunities of her time, depicting her journey from her privileged upbringing in England to her eventual settlement in the New World. Throughout the book, Elizabeth faces numerous personal and societal challenges, including conflicts with the Puritan community and her own romantic and family relationships.

The novel provides a richly detailed account of Elizabeth’s life, offering insights into the social, political, and cultural dynamics of the time. It explores themes of love, resilience, and the pursuit of personal and religious freedoms within the context of the challenging historical period. The narrative is marked by the author’s meticulous research and vivid storytelling, bringing to life the complexities of Elizabeth’s experience and the world in which she lived.

Set against the backdrop of the early colonization of America, “The Winthrop Woman” offers a compelling portrayal of a woman’s struggle for independence and fulfillment in a rapidly changing world. The novel captures the spirit of adventure and the harsh realities of life in the New World, while also delving into the personal and emotional dimensions of Elizabeth’s journey.

Green Darkness

“Green Darkness” is a historical romance novel by Anya Seton. The story is set in both 1552 and 1968 and follows the lives of two women who are connected across time. The first woman, Celia Marsdon, is unhappily married to a wealthy man and finds herself drawn to a new member of her household, Stephen Marsdon. The second woman, Celia de Bohun, is a young woman living in the 16th century who also faces challenges in her marriage. Both women experience supernatural events that give them a glimpse into the lives of their ancestors and struggle to find happiness and fulfillment.

The novel explores themes of love, betrayal, and reincarnation as the characters navigate their tumultuous lives. Set against the backdrop of Tudor England, the author weaves a captivating tale of romance and intrigue. Through multiple generations and timelines, the characters uncover secrets and confront their destinies. As they face adversity and heartbreak, they must find the strength to overcome the obstacles in their paths and find true love and happiness.

Anya Seton’s “Green Darkness” is a gripping historical romance that delves into the complexity of human relationships across time. The novel offers a compelling blend of history, romance, and the supernatural, making it a captivating read for fans of historical fiction and romance. With its richly detailed settings and well-developed characters, the book immerses readers in a tale of love and destiny that spans centuries.


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“Avalon” by Anya Seton is a historical novel that follows the story of Rumon, a commoner who falls in love with the beautiful Saxon princess, and their journey through the turbulent times of early medieval England. The novel is set against the backdrop of the Norman Conquest, bringing to life the political and social upheavals of the time. As Rumon and the princess navigate their forbidden love, they must also face the challenges of war, betrayal, and power struggles that threaten to tear them apart.

Seton’s novel weaves together romance, adventure, and historical detail as it transports readers to a vividly realized medieval world. The author’s meticulous research and evocative prose bring the characters and their surroundings to life, immersing the reader in the drama and excitement of the time period. Through the eyes of Rumon and the princess, readers gain a deeper understanding of the human experience and the complexities of love, loyalty, and resilience in the face of adversity.

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“Avalon” is a compelling and sweeping tale that captivates the reader with its rich historical detail and compelling characters. Seton’s storytelling prowess shines as she skillfully blends romance and history, creating a captivating narrative that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. The novel is a masterful exploration of love, sacrifice, and the enduring power of the human spirit, making it a timeless and unforgettable read.

Devil Water

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The Hearth and Eagle

“The Hearth and Eagle” by Anya Seton is set in Massachusetts in the early 19th century and follows the story of the Winslow family. At the heart of the novel is Deborah Winslow, a strong and independent woman who inherits her family’s estate, The Hearth and Eagle. The novel explores Deborah’s struggles as a single woman trying to maintain her family’s legacy in a time when women were expected to marry and rely on men. Set against the backdrop of the changing American landscape, the novel delves into themes of gender roles, family dynamics, and the tension between tradition and progress.

The novel also brings to life the historical context of the time, with the backdrop of the Industrial Revolution and the emerging tensions between the North and South. As Deborah navigates the challenges of running the estate and dealing with societal expectations, she also finds herself drawn to a charismatic Southerner, who represents a different way of life. The novel weaves together themes of love, duty, and the complexities of early American society, offering a rich and engaging portrait of a woman ahead of her time.

Anya Seton’s skillful storytelling and vivid historical detail bring the world of “The Hearth and Eagle” to life, capturing the reader’s imagination with its compelling characters and rich historical backdrop. The novel offers a compelling glimpse into the social and cultural landscape of early 19th century America, while also showcasing the timeless struggles and triumphs of its protagonist, Deborah Winslow.

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My Theodosia

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The Turquoise

“The Turquoise” by Anya Seton is a historical romance novel set in the American Southwest during the 19th century. The story follows the lives of two women, Serena Cavanagh and Zeke Cochran, whose destinies become intertwined through their shared love for a valuable turquoise stone. Serena is an independent and adventurous young woman who inherits a turquoise mine in New Mexico, while Zeke is a Native American man with a deep connection to the land and its resources. As they cross paths, their lives become intertwined in ways that will test their identities, values, and commitments.

The novel explores themes of love, ambition, cultural conflict, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Set against the backdrop of the Wild West, the story is rich in historical and cultural details that bring the setting to life. Seton’s prose is vivid and evocative, capturing the natural beauty of the American Southwest and the complex dynamics between its diverse inhabitants. Throughout the novel, the characters are faced with challenges that force them to confront their preconceptions and prejudices, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

“The Turquoise” is a gripping and passionate tale that delves into the human heart and the transformative power of love. Seton’s masterful storytelling weaves together a compelling narrative that will captivate readers with its blend of history, romance, and adventure. The novel is a timeless exploration of the enduring connections between people and the land they inhabit, as well as the enduring quest for freedom and fulfillment.


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Who is Anya Seton

Anya Seton, born Ann Seton on January 23, 1904 (although her birth year is often misstated as 1906 or 1916), was an American author known for her historical romances. She was born in New York and passed away in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Her father, Ernest Thompson Seton, was an English-born naturalist and a pioneer of the Boy Scouts of America, and her mother was Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson. Anya Seton’s novels were famous for the extensive research she conducted on historical facts, and many of them became best-sellers. Two of her works, Dragonwyck (1941) and Foxfire (1950), were even adapted into Hollywood films. Her books Katherine and Green Darkness are considered classics in their genre and continue to be popular to this day. Devil Water tells the story of James, the Earl of Derwentwater, and his involvement in the Jacobite rising of 1715, while also narrating the story of his brother Charles, who was beheaded after the 1745 rebellion. Set in Northumberland, Tyneside, London, and America, the novel showcases Seton’s love for Northumberland and her meticulous research of events and places. Anya Seton credited her cousin and the Northumbrian piper, Billy Pigg, for their influence on her novel.

Author Anya Seton

FAQs about author Anya Seton

Anya Seton books transformations to the film

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What types of books does Anya Seton write

Anya Seton is known for writing historical fiction novels, often set in the medieval or early modern periods. She has also written some romantic novels with historical settings.

How many books has Anya Seton written

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What was the first book written by Anya Seton

” My Theodosia” was the first book written by Anya Seton.

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