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August Šenoa was a Croatian author known for his literary works that focused on the social and political issues of his time. He was a prolific writer, and throughout his career, he wrote numerous novels, plays, and essays that explored the complexities of society and human nature.

August Šenoa Books in Order

  1. Zlatarovo zlato
  2. Prijan Lovro
  3. Prosjak Luka
  4. Seljačka buna
  5. Branka
  6. Povjestice
  7. Čuvaj se senjske ruke
  8. Karanfil s pjesnikova groba
  9. Karanfil s pjesnikova groba, Kanarinčeva ljubovca
  10. Prosjak Luka – Prijan Lovro

Summary of August Šenoa Books in Order

Zlatarovo zlato

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Prijan Lovro

“Prijan Lovro” is a novel written by August Šenoa, a prominent Croatian author. The story revolves around the main character, Lovro, a naive and naive young man who is torn between his desire for a better life and his loyalty to his family and values. Lovro’s journey takes him from his rural homeland to the bustling city of Zagreb, where he encounters various challenges and temptations that test his character and resilience. As Lovro navigates the complexities of urban life, he must confront his own limitations and make difficult choices that will ultimately shape his future.

The novel delves into themes of social class, moral ambiguity, and the clash between traditional values and modernity. Through Lovro’s experiences, the author explores the complexities of human nature and the struggles of individuals trying to find their place in a rapidly changing society. Šenoa’s vivid descriptions and insightful portrayal of characters make “Prijan Lovro” a compelling and thought-provoking read that offers valuable insights into the human condition.

The novel is noted for its engaging narrative and richly developed characters, as well as its exploration of timeless themes that remain relevant today. “Prijan Lovro” provides a compelling glimpse into the social and cultural landscape of 19th-century Croatia, while also offering universal lessons about the human experience. With its compelling storytelling and thought-provoking themes, “Prijan Lovro” continues to resonate with readers and remains a significant work in Croatian literature.

Prosjak Luka

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Seljačka buna

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Branka is a novel by Croatian author August Šenoa that tells the story of a young woman named Branka who struggles to navigate the complexities of society and love in 19th century Croatia. The novel follows Branka’s journey as she faces the challenges of balancing her personal desires with the expectations placed upon her by her family and society. Through Branka’s experiences, Šenoa explores themes of love, duty, and the constraints of tradition.

The novel presents a vivid portrait of Croatian society in the 19th century, depicting the customs, traditions, and social norms of the time. Branka’s internal conflict and the external pressures she faces serve as a lens through which readers can explore the societal expectations placed upon women during this period. Šenoa’s insightful characterizations and engaging narrative shed light on the struggle for personal autonomy and fulfillment in a society that values tradition and conformity.

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Branka is a compelling exploration of love, duty, and the clash between personal desire and societal expectations. Through the character of Branka, Šenoa offers a thought-provoking commentary on the challenges faced by women in 19th century Croatia. The novel’s engaging storytelling and rich historical detail make it a timeless work that continues to resonate with readers.


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Čuvaj se senjske ruke

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Karanfil s pjesnikova groba

“Karanfil s pjesnikova groba” by August Šenoa is a Croatian novel that revolves around the themes of love, honor, and sacrifice. The story follows the protagonist, Anđelko, who falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Anđa. However, their love is thwarted by the social and political turmoil of 19th century Croatia. Anđelko finds himself torn between his love for Anđa and his sense of duty to his country as he becomes involved in the Croatian national revival movement. The novel delves into the complexities of love and patriotism, and explores the sacrifices one must make for the greater good.

As a prominent figure in Croatian literature, August Šenoa’s “Karanfil s pjesnikova groba” is celebrated for its vivid portrayal of Croatian society and its exploration of themes such as national identity and the struggle for freedom. The novel offers a compelling depiction of the challenges faced by individuals torn between personal desires and the needs of their country. With its rich historical backdrop and complex characters, the book provides a thought-provoking and insightful portrayal of the cultural and political landscape of 19th century Croatia.

August Šenoa’s “Karanfil s pjesnikova groba” has been praised for its engaging narrative and its examination of the competing forces of love and patriotism. The novel offers a nuanced and poignant exploration of the dilemmas faced by its characters, as they navigate their personal relationships amidst the turbulent political climate of their time. Through its evocative prose and compelling storytelling, “Karanfil s pjesnikova groba” continues to resonate with readers, offering a captivating glimpse into the complexities of human emotions and the enduring struggle for freedom.

Karanfil s pjesnikova groba, Kanarinčeva ljubovca

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Prosjak Luka – Prijan Lovro

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Who is August Šenoa

August Šenoa was a prolific Croatian writer, known for his novels, poems, and patriotic songs. He played a pivotal role in the transition of Croatian literature from Romanticism to Realism and is credited with introducing the historical novel to Croatia. Born in Zagreb, he came from a family of Czech-German origin and studied law in Prague before returning to his hometown. During his lifetime, Šenoa edited the literary journal Vijenac (“Wreath”) and was actively involved in aiding the victims of the Great Zagreb Earthquake in 1880, ultimately succumbing to pneumonia shortly after. His works are known for their fusion of national romanticism and realist depictions, and he is considered to be the “father of Croatian novel”. Šenoa’s writings continue to be celebrated for their contribution to Croatian literature and the creation of a reading public in Croatia.

Author August Šenoa

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