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Barbara Chase-Riboud is an accomplished author known for her exploration of the themes of race, history, and identity in her work. She has written a number of books that delve into these complex and multifaceted subjects, showcasing her talent for storytelling and her in-depth understanding of the human experience.

Barbara Chase-Riboud Books in Order

  1. Sally Hemings
  2. The Great Mrs. Elias
  3. Hottentot Venus
  4. The President’s Daughter
  5. Valide: A Novel of the Harem
  6. Echo of Lions
  7. Everytime a Knot is Undone, a God is Released: Collected and New Poems 1974-2011
  8. I Always Knew: A Memoir
  9. Portrait of a Nude Woman as Cleopatra
  10. From Memphis & Peking

Summary of Barbara Chase-Riboud Books in Order

Sally Hemings

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The Great Mrs. Elias

“The Great Mrs. Elias” by Barbara Chase-Riboud is a historical novel that follows the life of a powerful African-American woman named Emily Elias. Set in the 19th century, the story explores themes of race, power, and gender as Emily navigates her way through a society that is largely dominated by white men. The novel delves into Emily’s personal journey as she seeks to overcome the obstacles and prejudices she faces in order to achieve success and independence.

The narrative also examines the broader historical context of the time, shedding light on the struggles and triumphs of African-Americans during this period. Emily’s story is intertwined with the larger societal and political events of the time, providing a rich and multifaceted portrayal of the challenges and opportunities faced by people of color in the 19th century. Through Emily’s experiences, the novel offers a poignant exploration of identity, resilience, and the enduring human spirit.

Barbara Chase-Riboud’s writing is lauded for its rich historical detail and compelling character development. “The Great Mrs. Elias” is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of race, gender, and identity, and offers a captivating glimpse into the life of a remarkable woman during a pivotal period in American history.

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Hottentot Venus

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The President’s Daughter

“The President’s Daughter” by Barbara Chase-Riboud is a historical fiction novel that tells the story of Sally Hemings, the enslaved woman who had a controversial relationship with President Thomas Jefferson. The book alternates between the past and the present, exploring Sally’s life as a slave at Monticello and her complex relationship with Jefferson, as well as her descendants’ struggles for recognition and justice in contemporary America.

In the novel, Chase-Riboud uses rich and vivid language to bring Sally Hemings to life, painting a powerful and compelling portrait of a woman who was both a victim of her circumstances and a fighter for her own agency. The book delves into the complexities of race, power, and identity, shedding light on the often overlooked stories of those who have been marginalized and oppressed throughout history.

“The President’s Daughter” is a thought-provoking and emotionally stirring novel that challenges readers to confront the uncomfortable truths of America’s past and present. Through Sally Hemings’ story, Chase-Riboud offers a powerful meditation on the enduring legacy of slavery and the ongoing struggle for equality and justice.

Valide: A Novel of the Harem

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Echo of Lions

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Everytime a Knot is Undone, a God is Released: Collected and New Poems 1974-2011

“Everytime a Knot is Undone, a God is Released: Collected and New Poems 1974-2011” is a collection of poems by Barbara Chase-Riboud, spanning over 37 years of her work. The book features both previously published and new poems, showcasing the evolution of the author’s poetic voice and style over the years. The poems delve into themes of spirituality, history, and the human experience, offering a unique insight into the world through the lens of Chase-Riboud’s poetic talent.

The collection reflects Chase-Riboud’s versatility as a poet, exploring various forms and subjects with depth and elegance. The poems are thought-provoking and rich in imagery, inviting readers to contemplate the complexities of existence and the interconnectedness of humanity. Through her evocative verses, Chase-Riboud weaves a tapestry of emotions and ideas, leaving a lasting impression on the reader’s imagination.

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“Everytime a Knot is Undone, a God is Released” serves as a testament to Chase-Riboud’s literary prowess and her ability to captivate audiences with her insightful and poignant poetry. The collection is a celebration of the human spirit and a testament to the enduring power of language and creativity. With its timeless themes and exquisite craftsmanship, the book is a compelling read for poetry enthusiasts and anyone seeking to explore the depths of the human soul through the written word.

I Always Knew: A Memoir

“I Always Knew: A Memoir” by Barbara Chase-Riboud is a deeply personal account of the author’s life, featuring her experiences as an artist, author, and activist. In this memoir, Chase-Riboud reflects on her childhood in Philadelphia, her education, and her journey as a black woman navigating the art world and society at large. She delves into the challenges and triumphs she faced as she pursued her passion for art and literature, and shares the influences that shaped her identity and work.

The memoir also delves into Chase-Riboud’s experiences with racism and discrimination, shedding light on the systemic barriers she encountered throughout her life. She discusses the importance of her ancestral roots and the impact of her heritage on her artistic endeavors. Additionally, Chase-Riboud provides insight into her creative process, offering a glimpse into the inspiration behind her acclaimed works and the themes that have driven her artistry.

“I Always Knew: A Memoir” is a thought-provoking and candid exploration of the author’s personal and professional journey. Through powerful storytelling and introspection, Barbara Chase-Riboud offers readers a poignant and inspiring look at her life as an artist and a woman of color, while also shedding light on broader issues of race, identity, and creativity.

Portrait of a Nude Woman as Cleopatra

Barbara Chase-Riboud’s novel, “Portrait of a Nude Woman as Cleopatra,” is a historical fiction that imagines the life and struggles of Cleopatra, the legendary queen of Egypt. The novel takes the reader on a journey through Cleopatra’s world, presenting her as a complex and multifaceted character rather than a mere historical figure. The book explores Cleopatra’s political ambitions, romantic relationships, and personal challenges, offering a fresh perspective on her life and legacy.

Chase-Riboud’s novel delves into Cleopatra’s inner thoughts and emotions, shedding light on her intelligence, wit, and determination. The author’s vivid storytelling brings ancient Egypt to life, captivating the reader with richly detailed descriptions and immersive storytelling. Through Cleopatra’s story, the novel also touches on themes of power, love, and betrayal, offering a compelling portrayal of a woman who defied the expectations of her time.

“Portrait of a Nude Woman as Cleopatra” is a thought-provoking and engaging read that offers a new interpretation of Cleopatra’s life and character. With its blend of historical accuracy and imaginative storytelling, the book provides a captivating look into the world of one of history’s most iconic figures.

From Memphis & Peking

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Biography Barbara Chase-Riboud

Barbara Chase-Riboud is a versatile American artist known for her groundbreaking historical fiction, poetry, sculpture, and visual art. Her work often delves into the themes of slavery and the exploitation of women. One of her most celebrated novels, Sally Hemings, was published in 1979 and was praised for its vivid imagining of Hemings’ life as a slave and her relationship with Jefferson. This controversial book earned Chase-Riboud the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize and sold over a million copies in hardcover. She has received numerous accolades for her work, including the Carl Sandburg Prize for poetry and the Women’s Caucus for Art’s lifetime achievement award. In 1996, she was knighted by the French Government and received the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. Chase-Riboud’s artistic journey began in Philadelphia, where she showed early talent at the Fleisher Art Memorial School. She went on to study art at the Philadelphia High School for Girls and then continued her training at the Philadelphia Museum School of Art. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Tyler School at Temple University, she was awarded a fellowship to study at the American Academy in Rome, where she began creating her first bronze sculptures. Following this, she completed a Master of Fine Arts from Yale University before eventually settling in Paris.

Author Barbara Chase-Riboud

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Barbara Chase-Riboud books transformations to the screen

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What types of books does Barbara Chase-Riboud write

Barbara Chase-Riboud writes historical fiction, poetry, and essays.

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What was the first book written by Barbara Chase-Riboud

Sally Hemings

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