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Eli Amir is an Israeli author known for his exploration of the themes of Jewish identity, immigration, and the human experience. He has written over a dozen books, many of which draw from his own experiences as a Jewish immigrant from Iraq. His writing is characterized by its rich storytelling and deep insight into the complexities of identity and belonging. Amir’s work continues to resonate with readers around the world.

Eli Amir Books in Order

  1. מפריח היונים
  2. תרנגול כפרות
  4. נער האופניים
  5. אהבת שאול
  6. מה שנשאר
  7. פגישה עיוורת
  8. Mafriach Ha-Yonim
  9. What Is Left- Eli Amir -Hebrew/israeli Literature-
  10. Gunah Kecisi

Summary of Eli Amir Books in Order

מפריח היונים

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תרנגול כפרות

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נער האופניים

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אהבת שאול

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מה שנשאר

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פגישה עיוורת

Sorry, I do not have the summary of the book “פגישה עיוורת” by Eli Amir.

Mafriach Ha-Yonim

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What Is Left- Eli Amir -Hebrew/israeli Literature-

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Gunah Kecisi

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Biography Eli Amir

Amir, who was born in Baghdad, Iraq, immigrated to Israel with his family in 1950. He has been recognized for his outstanding pioneering service to Israeli society, winning the Yigal Alon prize. Amir is renowned in Israel for his lectures, articles, radio and television programs, and his semi-autobiographical novel, Scapegoat, which depicts the integration of an Iraqi-Jewish youth in an Israeli transit camp after the establishment of the state. His novels are included in the secondary school syllabus. From 1964 to 1968, he served as adviser on Arab affairs to the Prime Minister of Israel and as envoy to the United States for the Minister of Immigration Absorption. In 1984, he became the Director General of the Youth Aliyah department of the Jewish Agency.

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Author Eli Amir

Frequently Asked Questions about author Eli Amir

Eli Amir literary works transformations to the film

Eli Amir has written several novels that have been adapted to screen, including:

1. “The Dove Flyer” – This novel was adapted into the film “The Dove Flyer” in 2014, directed by Nissim Dayan. The story follows a Jewish family living in Iraq during the 1950s, as they face challenges and upheaval in their community.

2. “Jasmine” – Another of Amir’s novels, “Jasmine,” was adapted into a television series in Israel. The story follows the struggles of a Yemenite Jewish family as they immigrate to Israel in the 1950s.

3. “The Syrian Bride” – Although not based on a novel by Eli Amir, the 2004 film “The Syrian Bride” was co-written by him and directed by Eran Riklis. The film tells the story of a Druze woman living in the Golan Heights who is caught in a complicated web of bureaucracy and politics when she marries a Syrian man.

These adaptations have brought Eli Amir’s powerful stories to new audiences, allowing his work to reach a broader range of viewers.

What types of books does Eli Amir write

Eli Amir writes books primarily in the genres of historical fiction, literary fiction, and memoir. His novels often explore themes related to the Jewish experience, identity, and historical events. Amir has also written non-fiction books based on his personal experiences and perspectives.

How many books has Eli Amir written

Eli Amir has written 17 books.

What was the first book written by Eli Amir

The first book written by Eli Amir was “The Dove Flyer,” originally published in Hebrew as “Ha-Matbe’a Hayonah” in 1974.

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