Renee Treml books in order – Update 02/2024

Renee Treml is an author known for her captivating illustrations and books that often feature themes of nature and wildlife. She has written and illustrated several picture books, including “Once I Heard a Little Wombat” and “The Very Noisy Baby.” Her work has been praised for its beautiful artwork and engaging stories that appeal to both children and adults.

Renee Treml Books in Order

  1. Sherlock Bones and the Natural History Mystery
  2. Sherlock Bones and the Sea-Creature Feature
  3. Ten Little Owls
  4. Once I Heard a Little Wombat
  5. One Very Tired Wombat
  6. It’s Owl Good: The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea 1
  7. Roo Knows Blue
  8. Wombat Big, Puggle Small
  9. Colour for Curlews
  10. Squeals on Wheels: The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea 2

Synopsis of Renee Treml Books in Order

Sherlock Bones and the Natural History Mystery

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Sherlock Bones and the Sea-Creature Feature

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Ten Little Owls

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Once I Heard a Little Wombat

“Once I Heard a Little Wombat” is a children’s book written and illustrated by Renee Treml. The story follows a little wombat as he explores the Australian bush. Along the way, he encounters various native animals such as a koala, a kookaburra, and a platypus. Each encounter is accompanied by a simple, rhyming verse that describes the animal’s behavior or characteristics. The book’s colorful illustrations and engaging text make it an ideal read-aloud for young children.

The book offers a gentle introduction to the world of Australian wildlife, portraying the animals in their natural habitat and highlighting their unique features. The text is easy to read and the illustrations are charming, making it a delightful book for children to enjoy. As the little wombat goes on his journey, readers are introduced to the sights and sounds of the bush, creating a sensory experience that is both entertaining and educational.

Overall, “Once I Heard a Little Wombat” is a heartwarming and educational book that celebrates the wonder of nature. Through its engaging text and beautiful illustrations, the book encourages children to appreciate the diversity of Australia’s wildlife and the importance of preserving natural habitats. It is a delightful addition to any child’s bookshelf and a perfect choice for storytime.

One Very Tired Wombat

“One Very Tired Wombat” by Renee Treml tells the story of a sleepy wombat who tries to find a cozy place to rest. As he searches for a spot to sleep, he encounters various Australian animals and asks them if he can nap with them. However, each animal already has a reason why the wombat cannot join them. The wombat eventually finds a quiet and comfortable spot in a hollow log, where he can finally rest peacefully.

The book features delightful illustrations of the Australian animals that the tired wombat meets on his journey, including a kookaburra, a koala, and a possum. Through the whimsical and charming artwork, young readers can learn about the different animals that inhabit the Australian landscape, as well as the importance of finding a peaceful place to rest and recharge.

Overall, “One Very Tired Wombat” is a heartwarming and engaging picture book that is perfect for bedtime reading or for introducing young children to the wonders of Australian wildlife. With its endearing story and beautiful illustrations, this book is sure to capture the imaginations of young readers and leave a lasting impression.

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It’s Owl Good: The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea 1

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Roo Knows Blue

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Wombat Big, Puggle Small

“Wombat Big, Puggle Small” by Renee Treml is a charming children’s book that follows the adventures of a wombat and a puggle. The story takes readers on a journey through the Australian bush as Wombat and Puggle encounter various animals and landscapes. The book’s distinctive illustrations and playful rhymes make it an engaging read for young children, while also providing educational value about Australian wildlife.

The book is filled with delightful illustrations of animals such as koalas, echidnas, and kookaburras, capturing the beauty and diversity of Australian wildlife. Through the interactions between Wombat and Puggle, readers learn about the unique characteristics and behaviors of these animals. The playful and rhythmic text makes the book enjoyable to read aloud and is sure to captivate young readers.

Overall, “Wombat Big, Puggle Small” is a heartwarming story that celebrates the natural world and encourages curiosity about the animals that inhabit it. The book’s engaging storytelling and captivating illustrations make it a wonderful addition to any child’s library, offering both entertainment and educational value.

Colour for Curlews

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Squeals on Wheels: The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea 2

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About Renee Treml

Renée Treml, an American-born illustrator and author, relocated to Australia in 2007 where she immediately fell in love with the country’s unique wildlife. Drawing on her background in ecology, she began writing stories and creating illustrations that focused on animals and the environment. Renée works in her Surf Coast studio and is available for school, festival and library visits both in person and virtually. She has written and illustrated several picture books, including the award-winning Once I Heard a Little Wombat and Wombat Big, Puggle Small, which was recently read on ABC’s Play School. Renée is also the creator of the humorous graphic novels featuring Sherlock Bones. In addition to books, her illustrations are featured on a range of stationery, ceramics, and homewares.

Author Renee Treml

FAQs about author Renee Treml

Renee Treml novels conversions to the film

As of now, there are no known adaptations of Renee Treml’s books to the screen. Renee Treml is an Australian author and illustrator known for her children’s books, including “Once I Heard a Little Wombat” and “Australasian Wild Weather.” While her work has been well-received in the literary world, there have been no reports of any of her books being adapted into film or television projects. However, it’s always possible that this could change in the future as her work continues to gain popularity.

What types of books does Renee Treml write

Renee Treml primarily writes and illustrates children’s picture books, with a focus on nature and animals. Some of her books include “Once I Heard a Little Wombat,” “Busy Little Creatures,” and “Color for Curlews.”

How many books has Renee Treml written

As of October 2021, Renee Treml has written and illustrated six books:

1. “Wombat, Mudlark & Other Stories”
2. “Moonwalkers”
3. “Cuddles For Mummy”
4. “The Great Garden Mystery”
5. “Teeny-Weeny Queenie”
6. “Wombat, Mudlark & Other Stories”

What was the first book written by Renee Treml

The first book written by Renee Treml is “Once I Heard a Little Wombat”, published in 2013.

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