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Shannon K. Butcher is an American author known for her romantic suspense novels. She has written numerous books, creating thrilling and captivating stories that blend romance and mystery. Her work often delves into themes of danger, intrigue, and the strength of love in the face of adversity.

Shannon K. Butcher Books in Order

  1. Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars, #1)
  2. Finding the Lost (Sentinel Wars, #2)
  3. Running Scared (Sentinel Wars, #3)
  4. Living Nightmare (Sentinel Wars, #4)
  5. Blood Hunt (Sentinel Wars, #5)
  6. Dying Wish (Sentinel Wars, #6)
  7. No Regrets (Delta Force, #1)
  8. No Control (Delta Force #2)
  9. Falling Blind (Sentinel Wars, #7)
  10. No Escape (Delta Force, #3)

Summary of Shannon K. Butcher Books in Order

Burning Alive (Sentinel Wars, #1)

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Finding the Lost (Sentinel Wars, #2)

“Finding the Lost (Sentinel Wars, #2)” by Shannon K. Butcher is a paranormal romance novel that follows the story of a group of warriors known as the Sentinels who are on a mission to protect humans from an ancient evil. The second book in the Sentinel Wars series, it continues the journey of the Sentinels as they battle against dark forces and struggle to find their place in a world where they are both feared and revered.

The story focuses on the relationship between Tynan and Inez, two characters who are drawn together despite their differences. Tynan is a powerful Sentinel with a troubled past, while Inez is a human woman who is struggling to come to terms with the truth about the Sentinels and the dangers they face. As they work together to unravel the mysteries of their world, they must also confront their own inner demons and find the courage to love each other against all odds.

With its blend of supernatural elements, intense action, and complex relationships, “Finding the Lost” offers a thrilling and emotional read for fans of paranormal romance. As the Sentinels continue their battle against evil, readers are taken on a journey of discovery, danger, and romance that will keep them on the edge of their seats until the very end.

Running Scared (Sentinel Wars, #3)

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Living Nightmare (Sentinel Wars, #4)

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Blood Hunt (Sentinel Wars, #5)

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Dying Wish (Sentinel Wars, #6)

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No Regrets (Delta Force, #1)

“No Regrets” by Shannon K. Butcher follows the story of Kellan Archer, a former Navy SEAL who is struggling to adjust to civilian life. When his friend and mentor dies under suspicious circumstances, Kellan is determined to uncover the truth. He joins forces with Delta Force operative, Emily Marshall, to investigate the case and soon finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. As they dig deeper, Kellan and Emily uncover a web of deceit and betrayal, forcing them to rely on each other to survive.

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The novel is filled with intense action and suspense as Kellan and Emily race against time to unravel the mystery and bring the perpetrators to justice. Along the way, they are confronted with their own personal demons and must learn to trust each other in order to overcome the challenges they face. As the tension builds, the pair must use all of their skills and training to outmaneuver their enemies and untangle the complex web of lies that threatens their lives and the lives of those around them.

“No Regrets” is a gripping and thrilling adventure that dives deep into the world of special operations forces and the dangerous missions they undertake. Shannon K. Butcher delivers a heart-pounding tale of loyalty, bravery, and perseverance that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

No Control (Delta Force #2)

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Falling Blind (Sentinel Wars, #7)

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No Escape (Delta Force, #3)

No Escape (Delta Force, #3) by Shannon K. Butcher is a thrilling action-packed story that follows the members of the Delta Force team as they navigate through dangerous missions and intense situations. The book follows the team as they work to complete their mission while facing various obstacles and challenges. With its fast-paced plot and gripping storytelling, the book keeps readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The author, Shannon K. Butcher, does a great job of developing the characters and creating a sense of tension and urgency throughout the story. Through Butcher’s vivid descriptions and well-crafted dialogue, readers are able to immerse themselves in the world of the Delta Force team and experience the high-stakes scenarios they encounter. Additionally, Butcher’s attention to detail and thorough research add an extra layer of authenticity to the story, making it feel both realistic and captivating.

Overall, No Escape (Delta Force, #3) is a thrilling and intense read that will appeal to fans of military fiction and action-packed thrillers. Butcher’s skillful storytelling and strong character development make this book a must-read for anyone looking for a gripping and entertaining story.

Who is Shannon K. Butcher

Shannon K. Butcher, known as Anna Argent in her alter ego, is a bestselling author with over thirty titles to her name. Since starting her career in 2007, she has created three award-winning series, including The Sentinel Wars, The Edge, and the Delta Force Trilogy. Under her pen name Anna Argent, she explores fresh and interesting takes on paranormal romance with series such as The Lost Shards, The Taken, and The Stone Men, as well as a contemporary romance series set in the Ozarks. With a background in engineering and a love for all things nerdy, Butcher uses charts, graphs, and tables to aid in the mechanics of her storytelling, world-building, and character development. In her free time, she enjoys creating art with beads and glass. For updates on upcoming releases, readers can subscribe to her newsletter at

Author Shannon K. Butcher

FAQs about author Shannon K. Butcher

Shannon K. Butcher novels transformations to the film

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What types of books does Shannon K. Butcher write

Shannon K. Butcher writes romantic suspense novels, as well as paranormal romance and contemporary romance.

How many books has Shannon K. Butcher written

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What was the first book written by Shannon K. Butcher

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